History of Study Program

In the early stages, the Environmental Engineering Department which is an undergraduate program (PS-S1-TL) was developed under the Civil Engineering Department of Hasanuddin University. The program which established on February 9, 2009, based on a Decree issued by the Director-general of Higher Education (DIKTI), Ministry of National Education (SK Dikti) No. 166/D/T/2009 and became the thirteenth study program of Engineering Faculty starts accepting 75 new students in the 2009/2010 academic year.

Since its establishment in 1960, the Hasanuddin University Faculty of Engineering has occupied three campuses, namely the Baraya Campus, the Tamalanrea Campus, and the Gowa Campus. Unlike the two places mention earlier, the Gowa Campus was built on an area of approximately 40 hectares on Poros Malino Km. 6 Bontomarannu, Gowa exclusively for the Faculty of Engineering. It was started built financially supported by Japanese government loans through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in the form of construction, equipment procurement, and a fellowship program (doctoral program and short-term research). The process of moving the Faculty of Engineering from the Tamalanrea Campus to the Gowa Campus was carried out in several stages starting from 2012 to 2015.

As a consequence of the change in the status of Hasanuddin University to a legal entity (PTNBH) in 2017 and implementation of the Republic of Indonesia Government Regulation Number 53 of 2015 about the Statute of Hasanuddin University Chapter I, Article 1, point 10, and Regulation of Hasanuddin University No. 40040 / UN4.1 / OT.10 / 2016 for Procedures for the Formation, Change of Name and Closing of Departments at Hasanuddin University Chapter I, Article 1, point 10, and Chapter II, article 2 and article 3, then PS-S1-TL and 12 Other study programs from six Departments in the Faculty of Engineering proposed a change in status to become a Department. On August 4, 2017, 13 Undergraduate Study Programs at the Faculty of Engineering including the Environmental Engineering Study Program changed their status to Department, which means the Program no longer under Civil Engineering Department, based on Hasanuddin University Rector Decree No: 21492/UN4.1/KL.06/2017.
In September 2013, the Department graduated three students for the first time, and 348 alumni up to September 2020. The number of PS-S1-TL student bodies per year is in the range of 250-300 students, and the student body in 2020 is 235 students.

The history of accreditation for the PS-S1-TL begins with the minimum accreditation when it was founded in 2009. In 2013 it was declared accredited early with a B rating based on the BAN-PT Depdiknas Decree No. 162 / SK / BAN-PT / Ak-SURV / S / VIII / 2013. Along with the development and status change from the Study Program under controlled of the Civil Engineering Department to an independent Department, it shows that the PS-S1-TL is adequate to manage study programs independently, which is of course supported by human resources who have increasingly developed competencies and expertise with very good facilities and infrastructure. This is indicated by the Rating (value) of the Last Accreditation is A or Very Good following the BAN-PT decision letter No. 2085/SK / BAN-PT/Akred / S/VIII / 2018 starting from 1-August 2018 to 1 August 2023.

Steps to develop the department within the Faculty of Engineering will continue to be carried out in line with the demands of scientific development and deepening through plans to open new study programs. With its status as the Department of Environmental Engineering (DTL) and very adequate experience in managing study programs, in 2019 The Department has opened a Master Program in Environmental Engineering (PS-S2-TL) and started accepting new students for the final semester of 2019/2020 after meeting the Minimum Accreditation requirements from BAN-PT based on SK Number: 36 / SK / BAN-PT / Min-Akred / M / VII / 2019.