P2KMB 2020

Department of Environmental Engineering conducted Virtual New Student and Character Development (P2KMB) as Welcome Program for new students on 8th-9th September 2020. P2KMB program brought Character and Competence Building to Achieve Goals in the Future as program theme this year. The opening was officially carried out by Dean of Engineering Faculty of Hasanuddin University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Thaha, MT who pressing siren as a signed of starting the program.

Deputy of Deans, Chair and Secretary of Senate, Chair and Secretary of  Departments, and academic community in Engineering Faculty, include 13 new students as representatives of each department attended the opening of P2KMB program. Several staffs of Environmental engineering were pointed to explain about departmental issues, Dr.Eng. Asyanthi T.Lando, ST.MT talked about regulation of campus and ethics code, Dr. Roslinda Ibrahim, SP, MT introduced lecturer and staff members, facilities, infrastructure and organizations structure, Rasdiana Zakaria, ST, MT described Job prospects. Dr.Eng. Muralia Hustim, ST.MT., as the chair of the department explained about study programs, credits, length of study , academic advisor, academic calendar and academic assignments. The last,

Dr.Eng. Irwan Ridwan Rahim, S.T., M.T introduced about student organizations and student activities where students can join. Overall, Environmental engineering department accepted 81 new students (SNPTN of 28 people, SBMPTN of 35 people, JNS of 16 people and POSK of 2 people) in the year of 2020.

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